Counsellor in Training

Our Counsellor in Training (CIT) Certificate Program is intended to enrich the lives of youth by providing an enjoyable and educational experience in leadership. With an emphasis on co-operation and positive self-esteem, participants will gain experience working with our young actors while developing skills in the areas of communication, programming, and problem solving. The goal of the CIT Program is to guide youth in their quest to learn through active involvement in an enriched dramatic arts environment.

Opportunities For Growth

CIT’s are not paid, however exceptional CIT’s may have the opportunity of becoming paid staff members in future CATS Summer Camps.

The Position

A CIT is an assistant to an assigned group of campers and supervised by a qualified staff professional. They must have a positive attitude and be willing to assist their assigned group. CIT’s are also responsible for assisting Counsellors or Directors in leading, setting up and tearing down activities. CIT’s are not permitted to discipline campers. Among the many other duties of a CIT, they are there to assist in the supervision and care of campers, assist in the maintenance of camp supplies and equipment, perform tasks assigned by the Staffed Counsellors or the Camp Director, work with junior and senior Counsellors in carrying out daily activities, along with receive on-the-job training for future Counsellor status job opportunities, and to maintain a positive relationship with campers, Counsellors and other staff members.

Enrollment Requirements

1. All CIT’s must be age 14+ by the first day of the session they register in.

2. Each CIT candidate must attend, complete, and receive certification of the mandatory 1 Day CIT Training session in order to continue in their volunteer position at their chosen camp location. This training provides each CIT with the tools and foundations to relate to and work with children 4 to 13 years of age and it provides each CIT with the ability to take directions, accept responsibilities, and learn all they need to know to be a leader at CATS camp.


The CIT Program only accepts 10 students per session, so applying early is recommended as registrations are on a first come, first served basis. Submission of your completed CIT application via registration online, and the training day fee for $75, is the only way to reserve your spot in the program. We reserve the right to change the enrolment limit of the CIT Program if deemed necessary by the camp staff.


$75 Training Day fee followed by a 2 week free volunteer position at one of the CATS camps of your child’s choice.


Certificates are awarded after successful completion of the CIT training program.