CHILDREN’S ARTS THEATRE SCHOOL is Toronto’s leader in professional theatre training for children ages three to eighteen. Since 1994 Children’s Arts Theatre School has been instrumental in developing passionate, and confident young artists. With a thorough curriculum led by a team of professional artist-educators, Children’s Arts Theatre School provides a welcoming, nurturing and professional theatre environment that helps to promote creativity, imagination, and personal growth.

Through guiding young people in the development of self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork and interpersonal skills, our programming ensures success not only in the performing arts, but a growth that is pivotal for the success of the young adults of tomorrow.

  • Encourage group trust, co-operation and enjoyment

  • Develop confidence by losing inhibitions

  • Inspire a positive self-image

  • Strengthen the student’s power of concentration

  • Foster confidence in voice and movement

  • Develop abilities to use the five senses

  • Encourage spontaneous expression

  • Develop kinesthetic awareness

  • Encourage listening skills

  • Enable participants to get to know their own behavior and its effect on others

  • Improve thinking processes

  • Improve physical fitness

  • Have fun!

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